Tuesday, June 7, 2011

DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer - Alpha stage goes to final

Some times ago first version of DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer was published. I decided to set released version in some "alpha" stage. The reason is that i just start learning DSL tools with T4 templates generator and i want that users of this designer know the quality of tool.

Now, released version is the 6th alpha version of tool.
Whats new in this release:

Features :

Take a look at important features included in this release

Feature Redesign Add Association dialog to be simpler is the interested one (at least from better visual usage). Dialog contains also preview of what you get when you create such association.
Supports 2 modes of creating associations:

  • Simple Association:

  • Advanced Association

Next important feature is Generate POCO/DTO classes from entity model.
  • Means T4 template will generate DTO classes as an mirror to generated classes for "real" entity classes. 
  • An bonus T4 template is capable of generating "mapping builder" which is responsible for mapping "real" entity classes with DTO classes and is required by DO to be able to transform data from/to real entity and DTO.

Developers Wanted

DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer received a long way (at least from my side) and i want to close down "alpha" stage. Before closing alpha stage tool needs to pass as many tests as it can get.

And there is my appeal to developers which uses DataObjects.Net to develop applications to help testing basic functionality of Designer and also of T4 template if generate valid classes.

Just download latest version from codeplex.com and take some time to test it:
DataObjects.Net Entity Model Designer v1.0.5.0 

If you found some bugs or have an idea, just create new issue in codeplex site


  1. Will you continue development of the designer?

  2. Sure, stay tuned for next release (October?) :-)

  3. Peter, I stumbled upon your "Interlinq with DataObjects.NET" post on the DO.Net support forum. I'm interested in that topic - have you digged deeper into it? Regards, Sebastian

  4. Hi Sebastian, please contact me on twitter: @psulek