Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Intellisense support for DataObjects.Net 4 storage configuration into Visual Studio

Last days i wrote article about discovering DataObjects.Net 4 (Discovering Best ORM Framework - DataObjects.Net 4) and i choose this framework as my orm tool.
When working with this tool, i'm hang on writing configuration for storage into app.config(web.config).
Missing intellisense for this storage configuration elements.

I do some research myself how can i add intellisense support for custom config section and found this great designer for Visual Studio - Configuration Section Designer. I use this designer to visually design whole ConfigurationSection(namespace: Xtensive.Storage.Configuration.Elements) class from DO4 library.

Here is what i prepare for you:
  • Console installation program which installs xsd schema into Visual Studio 2008
    - close all running instances of Visual Studio
    - run DO4ConfigSchemaInstall.exe - this will automatically installs file DataObjectsNet4.xsd into Visual Studio schemas folder (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Xml\Schemas) and add association element into catalog.xml
  • File DataObjectsNet4.xsd has complete schema definition for storage configuration, if you want to modify something on your side

Important note:
Name of config section must be named Xtensive.Storage to intellisense work.



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